Click Communications' 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide

Click Communications’ 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide

Just a handful of reasons you should download your 2013 edition of The Guide RIGHT NOW:

It’s Free! Sometimes, you just have to create something beautiful and then give it to the world. Plus, you need something on your phone or tablet to read & play with while riding the train to San Diego or standing around in line after line after line…

The Artwork is AMAZING! Our friends at Art of Fiction let us use art from their beautiful publications, so this year’s Guide features illustrations from Steven E. Gordon, Rodolphe Guenoden, Kevin Nelson, Tom Perkins, Brad Rader and Tone Rodrigez. They are all beautiful and we are beyond excited to share them with you.

It’s Interactive! Want to skip straight to The Lexicon from the cover? Just click on “How to Speak Geek!” Want to check off boxes while you play BINGO? You can! All of our interactive features on The Guide will work in Preview or iBooks, but you can see them really easily if you have the free Adobe Reader app on your phone or mobile device.

It’s Funny! I mean, we wrote it and there are a couple of dads on staff so it’s possible we’re the only ones who think our jokes are funny. But we’re pretty sure it’s good for at least a chuckle.

It’s Both Comprehensive and Short! One of our friends in the press once told us she uses The Guide to provide clues as to which of the gazillions of things at Comic-Con she should keep an eye out for. The whole digital book is only 34 pages, but the Geeks at Click made sure they were packed with information you can use.

You Could Learn Something! Of course there’s a page for tips on surviving the actual convention (stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, etc.); we’ve also included tips for surviving the end of the whole world! And, of course, we’ve also included annual features like The Lexicon so if you find yourself surrounded by cosplayers talking about their MMORPG, you can totally hang.

You Could WIN Something! Play BINGO with us for a chance to win a Click bag chock full of fabulous swag!

What are you waiting for? Download your copy today!


The Click office is in an honest-to-Thor FLURRY of activity getting this year’s annual Comic-Con Survival Guide finalized. The final punch out of proofing, rewrites & edits just has us more and more excited about how it’s going to turn out. I know we say this every year, but this year’s is seriously going to be the best yet!

To get an idea of how The Guide has evolved, here is the cover of our first effort in 2008:

Click CCSG Cover 2008

Why yes, I DID personally lay out and assemble all of the copy and images into a cohesive document using PowerPoint. A graphic designer I’m not, but when it comes to a PPT, I’m a ninja.

The guide rolled out like that for the next two years as well, until we wised up and had our friend Marc give us a hand with the design in 2011:

Click CCSG Cover 2011

Pretty, no? Last year, our friend Brian Klotz flew in like the hero he is to do the layout, and we got the redoubtable Scott Arnold to do an original cover for us. The result was nothing short of epic:

Click CCSG Cover 2012

So how do we top that? Well, this year we harnessed the creative power of Jessica at Little Hinka designs and even more original artwork from our friends over at Art of Fiction. The result, well. You’ll just have to wait until Monday to see.

In the meantime, if you missed any previous Guide editions and want to get caught up, feel free to download them all here!


This weekend we at Click Celebrate 6 glorious years.  We’ll be celebrating by doing what we love: going to the movies!  Let’s take a quick look at how the Click Team has changed over the years.

The one that started it all! Iron Man has become a theme character and attitude for the truly amazing Click bunch!

Year 1: The role of Scott is portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.

Year 1: The role of Scott is portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.

The magical, mystical Click, constantly expanding due to extreme awesomeness!

Year 2: The role of Scott is portrayed by the man himself!

Year 2: The role of Scott is portrayed by the man himself!

2 talented, very lucky dudes surrounded by a lot of talented and lovely women

Year 3: The role of Scott is portrayed in spirit, hiding behind the giant palm.

Year 3: The role of Scott is portrayed by a spirit, hiding behind the giant palm.

Theme of sunshine and summer movie kick-off season, we are a bright group in so many ways.

Year 4: The role of Scott is portrayed by copious amounts of tequila.

Year 4: The role of Scott is portrayed by copious amounts of tequila.

Celebrating our 5 year in style!

Year 5: The role of Scott is portrayed by the iPad screen.

Year 5: The role of Scott is portrayed by the iPad screen.

The Click Team in our new office space, all prepped for new adventures!

YEAR 6!! The role of Scott will be portrayed by the propaganda art

YEAR 6!! The role of Scott is portrayed by the propaganda art on the wall.

Thanks to everyone, Clicksters, clients, press, and friends for an epic 6 years!  Looking forward to many more!

Unsure which films to check out this summer?  How about taking a stroll through the best of the upcoming slate of summer blockbusters in this week’s Click On This?

IRON MAN 3 – May 3

In true Marvel form, kicking off the Summer Movie Season with one of the most anticipated films.


Baz Luhrman’s first film since 2008, the swirling lights and beautiful costumes mixed with a mind-blowing soundtrack is enough to make me sure this will be an epic cinematic feat.


Just in case you weren’t already over the moon excited for the return of Pine, Quinto, and Pegg, let’s also not forget Mr. Cumberbatch (like we ever could); no one can doubt that J.J. Abrahms knows how to make a memorable summer blockbuster!


One of the few franchises where each new film holds it’s own in fun, seriously bad-ass cars, and Michael Bay-level explosions; perfect for a Friday afternoon movie-hooky!



It’s already a pretty well-known fact that just about everything Joss Whedon touches turns to gold.  We dare you not to love this trailer.



Let’s not forget our family-friendly summer blockbusters as well.  The MUCH anticipated follow up to Pixar’s 2001 Monsters, Inc, kids (and grown-up kids) will surely be lining up for Sully and Mike once again!


Robots! Kaiju! Charlie Hunnam! Del Toro for the win!


RED 2  – July 19

Absolutely adored the original, can’t wait for this upcoming sequel!!



Hugh Jackman fights ninjas….that is all.

KICK-ASS 2 – August 16

The incomparable Chloë Grace Moretz, all grown up, but still in ass-kicking mode, it’s almost as though we have been anticipating this movie since rolling credits of the original.


THE WORLD’S END – August 23

We’ve been waiting for this film to release since it was first greenlit.  With it’s shiny new August release date, I’m already counting down the seconds until I can submerse myself in the final flavor of the Blood and Cornetto Trilogy.



Happy viewing!

This week the internet saw made up holidays, a Browncoat crackdown, and the NHL making a stand against discrimination.  Read on Clicksters to see what this week was like on the web.

Did you celebrate Rex Manning Day on Monday?  Do you know what Rex Manning Day is? Fans of the cult 90′s record store comedy Empire Records sure do, and our friends at the Huffington Post offered a fitting tribute for this year’s observance.

Browncoats saw their blood rise this week, when Fox offered a seeming slap in the face by cracking down on Etsy sellers making unlicensed Jayne Hats.   While many articles including this one at i09 are clearly siding against the corporate giant that cancelled the beloved show over 10 years ago, other fans are pointing out the fact that cease and desist letters are common when making money off something you don’t own.  The issue is clouded by the fact that the hat wasn’t created by the show’s prop department, but was in fact, purchased from a boutique seller that made ugly hats.  Food for thought, eh?

Sometimes we see things online that leave us at a loss for words.  Obviously these cats in pin-up poses had that affect.  Judge for yourself.

 by Zoe Mozart


Way back in 1993, the Super Mario Brothers Movie had a similar affect on us.  Twenty years after this noted Hollywood disaster, this article at Grantland aims to decipher what exactly went wrong with this epic flop.  Our belief?  Too much Luigi!

There’s nothing wrong with this Game of Thrones Disney style song featuring the tale of Daenerys.

The NHL steeped up this week and made their stance on discrimination based on sexual orientation very clear by officially partnering with the You Can Play Poject.  Now if more athletes in other sports would take this cue and start acting like Chris Kluwe, we might get somewhere!

Be honest female fans.  How many of these posters did you own of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and Teen Scene stars?

Looking for love?  How about looking for a laugh.  If your answer is yes to one or both, you should check out the newest dating sim Jurassic Heart.

You can't make this stuff up.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It is a sad day that sees the passing of comedy great Jonathan Winters.  The Nerdist sums it up best. “Jonathan Winters was… well, let’s say that before there was Robin Williams (whose son Winters played on Mork and Mindy), there was Jonathan Winters, whose often anarchic comedy was unique for its time and incredibly influential.”

Boss making your day rough?  Co-worker getting under your skin?  Dad making you stay home for a family dinner and miss the show you wanted to go to with your friends?  No need to say something that will land you in hot water!  Simply use one of these classic Shakespeare lines.  They’ll have no idea what you’re saying and won’t know to be offended until the headed back to the laptop to decipher what you just said.  Then they feel doubly dumb.  Zing!  (The use of cat memes are entirely up to you.)

Of course some people don’t like to take their frustrations out on others.  No worries, for you we offer Cute Overload.  Prepare to squee.

Finally, ABC Family aired Batman Begins, and well, as you can see it seems like a much different film based on this promo.

“He fights for family and lives for love” indeed…  Happy Friday!


Its April already.  How time flies.  It’ll be Summer Movie Season before we know it!  In this week’s rundown of all things online, we have heaps of nerd news, the best of this year’s online April Fool’s Day gags, and of course cats.  Cause internet. Every year, websites and companies with a strong tech and web presence pull out all the stops to trump their competitors and offer the very best April 1st gag ever.  If you didn’t have time to scour the net, no need to worry, our friends at Film School Rejects collected the best in one place. Know any nerds?  Wanna make their heads explode?  Show them this picture.

Sure, it's kind of old.  But still great!

Sure, it’s kind of old. But still great!

Fans of horror have an new Evil Dead to look forward to this weekend.  LA horror fans who’d rather live the action can start booking tickets now for the Great Horror Campout.  Sorry SF, Chi Town, and the Big apple. While not quite horror, the folks at Gritty Reboots have put their spin on Calvin and Hobbes.  And we gotta say, we’d watch the heck out of it!

There was so much news for TV fans this week.  History’s epic series “Vikings” was renewed for a second season.  As the 50th anniversary of BBC’s “Dr. Who” approaches, anglophiles scour tumblr and Twitter feeds for any news.  And boy has there been some.  Finally, rejoice never nudes!  Netflix has announced the date for new episodes of “Arrested Development!” This week, the entertainment world saw the loss of two incredibly influential people.  Carmine Infantino and Roger Ebert.  Infantino helped usher in Comic’s Silver Age and created some of the most recognizable superheroes and villains of all time.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 1.04.31 PM Comics Alliance ran a great tribute here. Ebert is synonymous with Modern Film criticism.  Of course he was known to be wrong about films sometimes too. ;)

Last week, we at Click christened our new Office Digs with a party for some of our clients and friends.  If you weren’t there, you can check out the pics here. We’ll leave you with some cat cosplay.  You’re welcome.  Happy weekend!

Our Video Gamer friends on the East Coast (and those who ventured there from the West Coast) are enjoying PAX East.  Half the Click Staff is fully embroiled in March Madness.  And all of us have made it successfully to Friday!  With all that in mind, let’s dive into this week’s Click On This!

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep calm and carry on.  For those struggling, here’s a helpful of 22 things that happy people do differently.  Definitely food for thought.  Speaking of food AND thought, we discovered this not-quite-safe-for-work (due to language) blog: Thug Kitchen.  It’s definitely worth checking out for laughs and recipes.

Also worth checking out is today’s epic Shirt Woot offering.

Yeah.  It glows in the dark!

Yeah. It glows in the dark!

While everyone at Click can get excited for nerdery like this shirt.  But when half the staff started talking about our brackets this week, the other half was all, “What are sp-orts?”  While it specifically deals with Football and not Basketball, this fantastic Penny Arcade strip takes the foreign seeming sp-orts and makes the concept relatable to our nerdier brethren.

While this is only a fan created piece, this epic CG poster from Greg Thomas makes us squee at the thought of Masters Of The Universe Legos!


Speaking of nerd fantasies, here’s two great ideas.  The first adds fuel to the nerd rumor from a while back that Peter Jackson woud like to direct an Episode of Doctor Who.  While some performers work for peanuts, Jackson seems willing to take a Dalek as his payment.  Screencrush makes a compelling case for why Jennifer Lawrence is the best choice to play Young Han Solo in the spinoff film from Lucasfilm and Disney.

For those tiring of Post-It Notes, Google announced via Blog this week that their new note taking app is now readily available for smart phones.  Take that pad and paper!

Those of you in the LA area with time on your hands tomorrow, should head up to Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka for an awesome Star Wars signing featuring Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko.

Finally we’ll leave you with this awesome video from the new series Man At Arms, where a talented weapon-smith makes practical, fully realized versions of famous nerd weapons.  In the past he’s fashioned Finn’s sword, Batman’s Batarangs, and Odd Job’s killer bowler.  This week sees him tackle the famous Power Sword He-man wields.

Happy weekend!

There’s a big to do in Austin this weekend and Click’s own Mac is headed there.  Those of you headed to SXSW can check out said panel to learn a thing or two, or just heckle Mac.  In the meantime, here’s what’s happening this week on the web.

At Click, we never have any problems with productivity during the work day.  Of course we spend our days working on movies, TV shows and games.  For those of you looking to up your productivity, Lifehack has a list of 20 apps to increase productivity that everyone should have. It’s a well known fact that lots of office procrastination expresses itself in internet searches, it’s part of why we offer Click On This — as a way to decrease the time needed to scour the net.

With that in mind, those looking for a great new limited edition T-shirt, should check out this offering from ShirtWoot.


Another way to increase productivity is to increase the amount of time you can spend working.  You could make great strides with this product.

Those of you headed to Austin and looking for the best the city has to offer in terms of cuisine can step away from your computer search engines as MedMen has done the work for you already.

Those in LA this weekend, however, should head to Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka for a night of gambling to celebrate the new release from the talented award winning duo of Janet Lee and Jim McCann. In honor of Oz the Great and Powerful, we’ll leave you with this amazing interview with Mila Kunis.

Happy weekend!

A few years ago, Mac and I got to visit the Castle set and meet one of our favorite actors, Nathan Fillion. First, because I know this is what you really want to know, I can tell you that he was as nice and funny and gracious as everyone who’s ever met or worked with him says he is.

Second, when we told him that we ran a PR agency that specialized in online outreach he joked with us, “Oh, so you think this Internet fad is going to stick around?”

I tell this story not just to brag that we met the original “Cap’n Tightpants” and he was awesome, but also because in our first conversation, he understood that creating a PR agency of online specialists seemed like a pretty good idea. Of course, this is something we’ve also believed for years, it just hasn’t always been treated like a top priority.

That is all changing. Whether you call it online PR, digital Publicity, earned media, or whatever the current buzz word is, that thing we’ve been doing for years now has started to get some national attention with articles talking about how important good digital publicity is, and how to find the agency that’s right for you.

Of course, we think that if you’re looking for a new PR agency then there’s a more than excellent chance that Click is the agency for you, but let’s set that aside for a second and just talk about why having strong digital PR partners is such a great idea.

Online PR is important because…

Good online PR increases your search results. Yesterday, published an article entitled “SEO Strategy: Link Building is Obsolete” that talks about key differences between earned media and search engine advertising, or link building, when it comes to maximizing search results. In an age where all of us are masters of “Google-fu,” it’s more important than ever to make sure you have all the best bases covered when potential consumers are researching your product.

Stories give your network something to talk about. Think about what your favorite social feeds contain: pictures of peoples’ kids, of course. Funny cat videos, gifs of Jennifer Lawrence making faces, sure. They also include stories. Links to news, blogs, op-ed pieces about this story, that product, this election, that person.

Generating social engagement for your brand is still important, because it allows companies to create dialogues and even relationships directly with their consumers, and that’s awesome. But at the end of the day, consumers still know that the person on Facebook saying “This is the greatest product ever, buy it!” is… the person selling the product. So show them that you aren’t alone in thinking your property is the greatest ever, and show them that you aren’t the only one on the Internet talking about it. You can do this with great online PR.

Good online publicity helps yield good publicity everywhere else. Because of the fast-breaking nature of all news on the Internet, it would be easy to put off online outreach as more of a last-minute effort, or treat online coverage as a consolation prize for whatever coverage didn’t happen with traditional outlets. As online PR specialists we’ve been saying for years that digital outreach should be a much higher priority, of course, but now it’s more important than ever. Because the thing is, all of the space that publicists have to compete for with print & broadcast outlets is finite, and these outlets have to be super picky about what they cover. Of course they want something fresh, new and newsworthy that hasn’t been done to death; they also want something with enough online buzz to indicate that their audience will be interested in the story. Early online outreach helps make that buzz happen.

 Partnering with a strong online agency is important because…

They will help you strengthen your favorite media relationships. Most journalists would actually rather talk directly with the company telling the story than the PR flack hired to help tell it. They want to have their own relationship with you and access directly to you. We think this is super fine and, in fact, we encourage it as much or as little as our clients want us to. The fact of the matter is, there are thousands upon thousands of sites and blogs and writers and journalists on the Internet (and a handful of wack-a-dos), and no one person has the time to sift through them all, much less build relationships with all of them. But a team of people dedicated to talking to online outlets every day is fully equipped to handle that volume. So if you want to have a direct dialogue with your friend at The Daily Show, The New York Times or Variety, then you should. Spend your time nurturing the relationships that matter most to you and your brand, leave the sifting & relating to everyone else to your excellent PR agency, like Click.

They will help you measure and quantify your success. As a vendor, we don’t get all of the proprietary click-through data of the sites we work with, or get access to our clients’ sales figures. So can we count up exact clicks and conversions for every campaign we do? Without the data I just mentioned, no. That said, earned media campaigns are totally measurable, and quantifiable success is becoming more and more important to online campaigns. Yes, the simple Word doc or pdf of links & bullets & screenshots looks nice and is easy to read on an executive Blackberry, and we will certainly do that report if that’s what our client prefers. On the other hand, when you collect measurable data along with every campaign you do and organize it in a way that’s easy to analyze, then you don’t just have a thick stack of links and pictures; you have quantifiable proof that your earned media just garnered a huge return on your investment. (At least, that’s the kind of reporting you SHOULD be getting. If you’re not, call me.)

They make your job easier. Do our clients constantly challenge us to break with routine, create new outreach strategies, or present them with the next cutting edge new thing on the Internet? Of course! But we bring new ideas, strategies, partnerships, and “next big things” to them as well, because that’s our job. We feel that a good agency wants to be your collaborative partner, bring ideas to you, present you with creative ideas, and then actually execute on the things they suggest. They should alleviate your workload, not create more work for you. And they should be passionate about your projects, and work with an enthusiasm that might even inspire you—especially in the entertainment and leisure brand industry, because come on. This stuff is FUN!

Of course I’m going to say online PR is extremely important and Click is better at it than anyone; this is my company, this is my job. So don’t take my word for it. See what others are saying about what we’ve been saying for years. You’ll see. This wacky online fun, it’s starting to catch on.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (like you do), you’re aware that the Oscars are very nearly upon us!  We here at Click would like to share our favorite Oscar experiences/stories/general wackiness.

But first, some fun facts you may or may not have known about our bald golden friend, Oscar:

1) Thomas Edison, yes THAT Thomas Edison, (inventor of the lightbulb, phonogragh, and motion picture camera) was awarded the first Honorary membership to the Academy in 1927.

2) During World War II, in order to support the war effort, the Academy handed out plaster statuettes instead of the customary metal ones.  When the war ended, winners could trade up for the traditional metal man.

3) For the 61st Academy Awards (1989), the Academy replaced the phrase “And the winner is…” with “And the Oscar goes to…..”, which is still used to date.

4) Oscar winners and their heirs, if for any reason, decide they no longer wish to retain their award, must first offer to sell their statuette back to the Academy for the grand price of $1; if a winner refuses to agree, the Academy keeps the statue.

5) The original nude model for the Oscar statuette was a former Mexican revolutionary living in exile in LA, taking bit parts in films.  Emilio Fernandez, who appears in 1969 Western, The Wild Bunch posed nude for statuette designer Cedric Gibbons in 1928.

And now, a trip down memory lane…


While many watch the Oscars to see who wins the coveted golden trophy, many like myself also watch it anxiously waiting to see what the stars are wearing. As Joan Rivers would flag on her E! “Fashion Police” show as “Street Walker” or “Starlet?” I’m all eyes on best, worst and the downright outrageously dressed. One of my most memorable Oscar moments was when Comedy Central’s “South Park” creators attended the award show in 2000. Trey Parker imitated Jennifer Lopez’s revealing green Versace gown and Matt Stone flaunted a look mirroring Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink Ralph Lauren dress they both wore at previous ceremonies. Trey even sported a fabulous wig to match his look. It was hilarious! And, who could forget Bjork’s swan she picked up from the nearby lake that she wrapped around her body. Sorry Bjork, Black Swan didn’t make it’s way on screen yet in 2001.  I did however, love Halle Berry’s gorgeous Red Elie Saab floral dress she rocked in 2002 where she won her first Academy Award and was the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best leading Actress for Monster’s Ball. Excited to see what fun surprises we’ll get for 2013!

Trey Chic

Trey Chic


One of my favorite Oscar memories is attending the Academy of Friends Gala in San Francisco.  Everyone dresses up and enjoys food and wine provided by amazing Bay Area establishments.  The Academy Awards are broadcasted on numerous screens throughout the venue so you do not miss a second of the show.  It is a great evening full of entertainment and glamour and the best part is the proceeds of the Gala benefit Bay Area HIV/AIDS organizations.  If you are reading this and live in San Francisco I highly recommend purchasing a ticket.


Every year the Oscars bring about heartbreak, upset, and yelling at the TV for not picking my favorite actor, score, or film.  Except when Marisa Tomei won, that was awesome.  Part of the fun of Oscar night is witnessing pop culture in the making.  My favorite part though is paying homage to pop culture from the past.  The “In Memoriam” section is always very emotional for me.  Seeing a montage of clips and images illustrating the proudest people in entertainment makes me proud to be a film nerd.  Coupling a beautifully arranged song like when Queen Latifah sang “I’ll Be Seeing You” with clips of our beloved entertainers always manages to get me teary.


If you know Mac & I well, then you know that we throw a party for the Oscars every year. The party that our friends enjoy today was born in 2002, which is the first year we rolled out a “red carpet,” the first year we started the betting pool  for the winners (and booby prizes for whoever got the least amount right), and the first year we started naming food after movies. This detail is important because in 2002 Will Smith was nominated for his role in Ali, for which we decided to serve punch.

We had a dickens of a time finding a punch recipe we liked. We didn’t want a red Hawaiian punch, we didn’t want any sherbet in it, we didn’t want it to be too ridiculously sweet. We just wanted a yummy punch. Ultimately Mac just ended up throwing some vodka, rum, some assorted juices & some 7-UP into a bowl. The result was nothing short of spectacular. A year later our good friend Therese asked us if we would be serving the same “funch,” and we were like, “What?” And she said, “You know: it’s fun! And it’s punch! Funch!

And just like that, Funch was born. We have been serving it at our annual Oscar Party ever since.


Funch: You can’t drink just one bowl.


I spent the 2003 Oscars watching the live telecast at 3AM in London.  It was the year that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King swept 11 wins.  For every one of Peter Jackson’s wins I jumped up and cheered.  At my third or fourth rejoicing cheer the old building security guard, Hippy Bob, came down to make sure I wasn’t being attacked.  Once he realized I was just watching my version of the World Cup he smiled at me and wandered off, checking back in occasionally for the winning tally for LOTR: ROTK.  Despite the bizarre viewing time and the oddity of sharing this experience with a complete stranger, I have never forgotten the feeling of elation for Jackson’s 11 wins, and sharing the moment with Hippy Bob.

One statue to rule them all...

One statue to rule them all…


My Favorite Oscar Memories never have anything to do with the ceremony itself.  Sure the speeches are cool, and the outfits are cool, but for me the Oscars is always about who you’re watching it with.  And in that instance, my favorite memory of the Oscars will always involve the wagering that goes into betting on the winners and losers.

Winning a few fozools is cool, sure.  But for my money, my proudest achievement will always be at the 2011 official Click Academy Awards Party when I missed all but two categories and walked away the biggest loser!  My prize pack included the year’s worst films like Marmaduke, Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, and The Bounty Hunter!  So this year if you’re looking to win, check out who I’m voting for and vote the exact opposite!


The 2007 Oscars were particularly memorable for me, as I had watched The Departed no less than 2,378 times that year.  Watching Martin Scorsese win “Best Director” after being shut out multiple times in years past was truly a blissful moment.  There’s nothing quite like seeing one of your favorite directors win a much-deserved Oscar for their stellar work!

A few honorable mentions go to the co-creators of “South Park”, Matt Stone and Trey Parker for walking the red carpet dressed in drag back in 2000, as well as Bjork in 2001 for her swan gown.  Let your freak flag fly! ;)

I won, I won!  I finally won!

I won, I won! I finally won!


I used to work for a PR firm that served as the awards consultants for Warner Bros. We had been working for 6 months on The Blind Side, having screenings, receptions, Q&A’s, you name it!  It was hard work but some of the best times I’ve ever had working… Sandy was the best, even though she joked “let’s go get that biotch Meryl,” it was truly nothing but a lovefest between her and Ms. Streep every time they saw each other. So its Oscar day, the Best Actress category comes up, I’m sitting on a couch at my friend’s Oscar Party and I’m freaking shaking. Forrest Whitaker gives his tribute to Sandy first, and is followed by the 4 other presenters. I keep thinking 6 months of work down to this moment… Sean Penn walks out and takes his freaking time, and nominees are finally announced again. I’m holding my breath and I keep thinking, Meryl’s going to get it, oh man, it’s her year, I can’t breathe. And he announces her name “Sandra Bullock.” I let out my breath and I swear several tears at the same time, while frantically texting my colleagues “we freaking DID IT!!”  It was finally over, and we did it. She was on that stage, looking FAB in her Marchesa couture. It was awesome… I knew I loved my job!

Take that, Meryl!

Take that, Meryl!


Oddly enough, I think the happiest I ever was with someone winning as Oscar was Denzel’s win for Training Day.  Much to Andy Serkis’ chagrin, King Kong still ain’t got sh*t on Denzel.  But beyond the actual show, which can be entertaining (more so with Funch), my favorite activity is photoshopping movie posters to go along with our punny food menu.  ”Apocalyptaquito” is still my favorite. (Oh, I also went to a dress rehearsal for the 1995 Oscars and got glared at by Oprah because I was accidentally tapping her chair with my foot. That was funny.)

What'll be the fave this year?  We're not telling!

What’ll be the fave this year? We’re not telling!


My first Oscars in Los Angeles were what you might call auspicious. A journalist friend of mine invited me to a party that was being hosted by the owners of a small home entertainment PR firm, whom she told me were “super chill and the kind of PR people you’d actually want to hang out with”. This was the first time I met Mac, Dinah and most of the Click team in February of 2010. Little did I know that a few short years later I would join their ranks and become a Clicker myself.

Being a recent transplant from Europe, this was the first time I watched the whole telecast during waking hours and boy was this the place for my maiden Oscar voyage! In addition to the main big screen in the living room there were two additional viewing areas: the outdoor tiki hut (gotta love SoCal weather) and the hushed “screening room” where online reporters were writing and filing their stories. I was warned that quiet murmurs were acceptable in the screening room but anything louder would have you booted out. The menu was inspired by the nominated films and some of the punny gems included: The Blackened Swan, True Grits, The Sausage Network and The King’s Peach.

This February 24th I’ll be surrounded by Clickers once again for the Oscars! This time around I will proudly be one of them because it’s true, sometimes, things just Click!


My favorite Oscar memory is not one that I saw when it aired live, but one that I’ve revisited many times online. The moment when The Silence of the Lambs won Best Picture capping off their incredible run of winning the “Big 5″ Oscars. It’s a great moment for what I consider the greatest film of all time.


One Oscar moment that has always stayed with me was when The Swell Season won for “Best Song”.  Falling Slowly is a great tune, and their story is an inspiring one for all independent artists.  On a small budget, these musicians (who were unknown by most of the public) put the movie Once together for $100K (not a lot of money to make a movie).  Next thing you know, they are winning awards at Sundance and then receive an Oscar.  WOW.  Dreams do come true I guess!  You may also remember Marketa Irglova’s acceptance speech being cut-off by the orchestra, and later host Jon Stewart let her come out and finish it.  I always thought that was cool of him, and a great Oscar memory to say the least.

They won an oscar, once!

They won an oscar, once!


One Oscar moment I always looks back to, Jeff Bridges acceptance speech for Best Actor in Crazy Heart at the 82nd Academy Awards. In the style of Jeff Lebowski: “Mom and Dad, yeah, look! Whoo! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for turning me on to such a groovy profession.” That Oscar memory particularly sticks out because I witnessed Bridges’ acceptance speech for the same role at the Spirit Awards that year.  He truly personifies THE DUDE!

You owed me for Lebowski!

You owed me for Lebowski, man!