Emily Ronkar
Creative Asset Services

Emily Ronkar doesn’t hold a Masters in Organization (it’s in Film: Culture and Industry), but as Click’s Number 1 Organizer she has become the person teammates and clients rely on to create order out of chaos. Since joining Click during its first year of inception, Emily has had the opportunity to work on a broad range of assignments, assembling, organizing and helping with the distribution of video and other digital assets for everything from pre-school titles to Miramax releases, from ABC TV on DVD to theatrical blockbusters. Some of her favorite projects include “Lost: The Complete Fifth Season,” Gnomeo and Juliet, and the Tinker Bell franchise. She primarily works closely with a variation of departments at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to help provide available content and meet a variety of needs for both domestic and international markets.

Embracing her inner Anglophile, Emily is a dedicated fan of British film and TV whose favorite films include Shaun of the Dead, Pirate Radio and Moulin Rouge as well as TV shows such as “The IT Crowd,” “Downton Abbey,” and “Sherlock.” A self-proclaimed film geek, she will enthusiastically watch almost any film, keeps meticulous list of the titles in her ever-growing personal collection, and fully supports any movie that features Simon Pegg.


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