We Make It Personal

Personal relationships are the heart of our success. In 2003, Mac worked closely with a list of about 50 online partners; Click has grown that into an extensive database of thousands of writers, editors and influencers across multiple facets of the Internet.

These friends and colleagues appreciate Click because we are professional and fast. They trust us because we are honest, knowledgeable and respectful. They like us because we’re passionate and authentic.

See what they have to say about us for yourself.


What They Are Saying...

  • Jenna Busch Fanhattan.com
    • Click is made of awesome!"
  • Sunny Chanel Babble.com
    • Click Communications is an awesome crew, always providing all the assets, info and even ideas for writing about their projects. They really do a fantastic job and working with them just, well, clicks!"
  • Tony Sims GeekDad.com
    • Click Communications always keeps me up-to-date with what is trending. It really makes a difference when I am working with someone who genuinely has an interest in what they are representing. The people that I have worked with at Click make me feel like they are informing me on their product, not their client’s."
  • Tim Lammers Internet Broadcasting System
    • The thing that impresses me most about Click Communications is that they have very little, if any, turnover in their ranks. That tells me they care about their employees, and that care, in turn, is passed on to us. Their job is to help us with our online needs, of course, but the services they provide goes beyond a name on the computer screen. They're great communicators and are in constant contact with their clients to ensure their needs are met. It's refreshing that in a virtual environment, the work they do is still very much personal."
  • Brian Balchak MovieWeb.com
    • Run by a bunch of pros, Click goes above and beyond to give me everything I need to appease my audience."
  • Scott Huver Fandango.com
    • Click remains one of the most innovative, professional and fun-to-work-with teams in the business."
  • Kevin Polowy NextMovie.com
    • The seasoned vets at Click Communications aren't just movie publicists, they're movie buffs, and it shows with the unbridled enthusiasm and passion they bring to their titles. They're truly a pleasure to work with, even on those days when work is truly a bitch."
  • Jarett Wieselman The Insider
    • Click has always been the most hassle-free agency to work with -- and they make the most magic happen. If I need the most random screengrab from an even more obscure title, Click's all over it! If Click is on the case, I can rest easy knowing that everything I need -- and often, more -- will be coming my way within three to five business hours!"
  • Jordan Hoffman ScreenCrush.com / Film.com
    • Click has mastered the art of being persistent without being off-putting. A phone call from Click always means good stuff is coming my readers' way."
  • Lois Alter Mark NickJr.com
    • The publicists at Click are some of the most professional in the business. I'm always glad when the movie I'm writing about is one of theirs because I know I'll get the materials I need quickly and with no fuss. I wish they handled all the studios!"
  • Brad Miska Bloody-Disgusting.com
    • Working with Click is important to us because it goes beyond work, they have built a strong relationship with us that helps get things done faster - on both ends."
  • Mirko Parlevliet ComingSoon.net
    • Click Communications is one of the most dedicated, reliable and responsive teams in the industry. It's been a pleasure working with them."
  • Nell Minow The Movie Mom
    • Click always seems to know just what I need to help get the word out. They are consummate professionals and always a pleasure to work with.

      I look forward to working with Click because I know I can count on them to respond quickly and accurately to my questions and to be completely supportive of anything I need for my audience. They really know what works."
  • Quint Aint-It-Cool-News.com
    • Click Rules... not the movie, the company. The movie's just okay, but Click Communications is where it's at."
  • Lynn Barker Kidzworld.com
    • Click always keeps us up to date on events and talent opportunities and can’t be beat in their promptness with delivering all the material we need."
  • Steve Barton DreadCentral.com
    • Working with Click is a journalist’s dream. They embody the term grace under pressure, and do so in a manner that is as fun as possible. Without question in my top three preferred companies."
  • Gord Lacey TVShowsonDVD.com
    • Click Communications understands the needs of online press, and the market we're appealing to. Some PR agencies fail to grasp the competitiveness of online news reporting, but Click Communications "gets it." It's rare to find an agency that understands traditional media, online media AND what the consumer expects, but that's what you get with Click Communications."
  • Lianne Miller SheKnows.com
    • Click Communications is at the top of my list for best PR Agencies to work with. They are professional, dependable, and have an incredibly quick response time when it comes to getting things done. I have had the pleasure of working with several members of the Click Communications team and each one has been responsive, capable, and just plain awesome!"
  • Brian Gianelli Xfinity.com
    • It’s always a pleasure when I know a title is represented by Click Communications. From great content, timely delivery and friendly partnerships on some of the hottest shows on DVD, Click always stands out. I know I will get exactly what I need."
  • Gene Newman Thrillist.com
    • I've worked with Click for many years and we've built a great relationship. They're by far one of the most reliable and creative PR agencies in the DVD and Blu-ray industry. They understands the online environment and continually provide us with original opportunities that make the titles they're handling jump to the top of the pile."
  • David Weiner ETOnline.com
    • Click's crack team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to intense creativity and relentless promotion. No entertainment project seems to be too big or small for this reliable group."
  • Stacie Vaughan SimplyStacie.net
    • Click Communications is fantastic to work with and one of my very favourite PR firms to work with. They are professional and friendly and always respond in a timely fashion to any questions I have. I wish all PR firms were like them!"
  • Patrick Luce MonstersAndCritics.com
    • Click Communications are the go-to PR people. Whenever I need product, information, or really...anything, Click is there to help me out. Click truly is Hollywood's newest star!"
  • Scott Weinberg FEARnet.com
    • I've worked with more than my share of publicity companies, and the Click Communications gang is certainly one of the best. Scott, Brigid, and Dre get us the materials we need real quick, and that's obviously important in our line of work. They're also just a pleasure to work with."
  • Chelsea Doyle Comicsonline.com
    • Not only are the team at Click Communications professional, knowledgeable, and forward thinking, but they are also some of the friendliest and charismatic people in the business. I've worked with many PR companies, and none of them are as memorable or as responsible as Click Communications."
  • Sandie Angulo Chen Common Sense Media
    • Mac McLean has been instrumental in helping me cover theatrical and television DVD releases for the past three years. He's incredibly responsive to my requests, whether it's as time-consuming as setting up a talent interview or as simple as overnighting a screener. He understands' journalists needs and will go out of his way to meet them."
  • Jason Coleman Starpulse.com
    • Why is Click so good? Could it be their diligence in covering both the big and the small with equal gusto? Perhaps their dedication to fast and effective service on boths sides of the PR fence? Frankly It's both, but for me as a man of movies it's the unbridled passion exuded by all the amazing staff for every project they cover that makes the difference and thus a rare pleasure - I'm a Click fan for life."
  • Carey Bryson KidsTVMovies.About.com
    • Click makes it easy for me to do my job. I always have all the materials I need in my inbox before I even have to think about it.

      Click is one of the most friendly, organized and responsive PR companies I have ever worked with. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in helping me get the information out to my readers.

      If someone were to ask me, as a journalist, what the ideal PR Company would be like, I would have to look no farther than Click Communications for a perfect example. Working with Click is as easy as it gets."
  • John Sinnott DVDTalk.com
    • I always enjoy working with Click Communications since they go out of their way to make my job easier: they respond to questions quickly, their e-mail announcements are thorough but not verbose, and they seem genuinely excited about the products they promote. I only wish that were the case for all of the PR firms I work with.

      I work with many PR companies and Click Communications is one of the best!"
  • Fred Topel CraveOnline.com
    • Click Communications knows how to deliver talent and materials to online outlets. They get the market and they understand scheduling, so are completely flexible. I know I can count on them to deliver. And they're sickly brilliant and twistedly clever."
  • Kenneth Brown Blu-ray.com
    • I've had the pleasure of dealing with Click Communications for three years now. In that time, I've found Click's representatives to be the most friendly, responsive, and attentive PR professionals in the industry. They never compromise the integrity of a client, nor do they leave people like myself uninformed. Instead, they offer fast replies, honest answers, and exceedingly helpful service that, ultimately, reflects extremely well on their clientele."
  • James Harvey ToonZone.net
    • Click has always been great to me! They always go the extra mile for me, without fail!"
  • Jen Trolio TV.com
    • My favorite part of working with the folks at Click is that they know how to tailor a pitch, and that they're willing to think creatively to secure worthwhile press coverage for clients that deserve it. I appreciate the personal touch; knowing that when I receive an email from Click, it's not just another ridiculous press release from a flack who doesn't actually care about what he's pushing—that's huge."
  • Matt Brighton BlurayAuthority.com
    • One of the most professional, well-run agencies that I've had the opportunity to work with. I've been dealing with PR agencies for DVD Authority for more than a decade and it's a breath of fresh air when I have the opportunity to work with anyone from Click Communications. Keep up the good work!"
  • Whitney Wingard MommiesWithStyle.com
    • I love working with the reps at Click. I've been working with Mac & his group for years now and they are always on the ball. I know I can count on them for titles and the information I need in a timely manner. Plus, they're a friendly and cool group - it's always a pleasure to hear from them!"